Currently, we have a PowerPoint presentation of the 7000-Year Chronology available for download, as well as disk image (ISO) versions of the DVDs themselves. Check back often for updates and additional downloads!

If you have a broadband connection, watch the Chronology video here.

PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint7000-Year Bible Chronology (version 3.1) [4.3 MB]

Download and Viewing Instructions

To download the file, right-click the above link and select "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As..." and choose a location on your computer to save the file.

To view the presentation, you will need Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your computer. If you do not have PowerPoint installed, try viewing the web version of the presentation here.

Read Only Dialog

When opening the presentation, you will be prompted for a password. Simply click on the "Read Only" button to view the presentation.

Download Full DVDs

Use your broadband connection to download the full DVDs in ISO format by clicking the links below. This allows you to create your own copies of the DVDs that can be played on a standard DVD player. If you have not done this before, click here for a HowTo.

Terms of Use

You may make as many copies of these DVDs as you like, provided they are complete and unabridged and the copies are distributed free of charge.

NOTE: These are very large files, and may take several hours to download even if you have a broadband connection.

  • Disk 1 [Chronology1.iso: 3.0 GB]
  • Disk 2 [Chronology2.iso: 3.1 GB]